Technical Editing for Businesses, Governments, and NGOs

YOUR NEIGHBORly, values-driven, Multilingual

Technical Editor


Values-Driven Editorial Craftsmanship

I’m a technical editor performing policy, report, and research editing for businesses, consultants, government entities, NGOs, research centers, societies, and think tanks.

My editorial services all come with the same promise of quality, dedication, and diligence.

Editorial Services

  • Proofreading

  • Technical Editing (Line Editing & Copyediting)

  • Spanish-to-English Editing

  • Fact-Checking Incorrect Facts

  • Style Guide Development

I work in four disciplines:

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Editorial Work



I work for entities who love the world and responsibly make it better.

Since antiquity and still today, some people use the power of the written word as a weapon to harm others and the world, causing negative repercussions for all.

The world changes when we change. I believe in building a better world, a positive and just world.