Technical Editing for Businesses, Governments, and Nonprofits

Proofreading and editing encompass:

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Proofreading is not editing. It is performed on documents that were already edited. Proofreading involves reading the document and noting blatant grammatical and punctuation errors as well as identifying missing text or overall structural errors.

Light Editing

Light editing involves checking and correcting:

  • Faulty spelling, grammar, and punctuation;

  • Incorrect language usage;

  • Cross-references for consistency;

  • Consistency in spelling, hyphenation, numerals, fonts, and capitalization;

  • Proper sequencing (such as alphabetical order) in lists and other displayed material; and

  • Consistency in references to figures, tables, and other display elements.

 Medium Editing

Medium editing includes all tasks of light editing. Medium editing also includes:

  • Changing text and headings to achieve parallel structure;

  • Noting inappropriate figures of speech;

  • Ensuring that key terms are handled consistently and that vocabulary lists and the index/bibliographies/references sections contain all of the terms;

  • Checking that forewords, executive summaries, and prefaces reflect overall content correctly and consistently;

  • Maintaining consistent style and tone in a multi-author manuscript;

  • Changing passive voice to active voice, if requested; and

  • Noting ambiguous or incorrect statements.

Heavy Editing

Heavy editing often results in much rewriting. Heavy editing includes all medium and light editing tasks, and it also includes:

  • Eliminating wordiness and inappropriate jargon;

  • Smoothing transitions and moving sentences to improve readability;

  • Assigning new levels to section heads to achieve logical structure; and

  • Suggesting and sometimes implementing additions and deletions to text, and noting them at the sentence and paragraph level.

Johanna Wallner Editorial edits projects in four disciplines:

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Technical Editing Rates

I am self-employed, so I calculate my rates so that I may humbly breathe, eat, and live; take some PTO for when I am ill or need R and R; buy health insurance on the free market; pay my self-employment taxes to the IRS; and save for retirement (should I grow old).

Each project tends to have its own individual needs. Please contact me for a free sample edit and estimate. Most projects tend to fall into these ranges:

Most projects tend to fall into these ranges.
Here’s what happened when a multinational corporation with a very large marketing and communications department failed to edit its work and ignored the spelling rules of the AP Stylebook. “It’s Colombia, not Columbia.” Don’t ever risk accidentally insulting a nation of 47.7 million inhabitants—consider contracting me for your everyday editorial needs!

Here’s what happens when a multinational corporation with a very large marketing and communications department doesn’t edit its work and ignores the AP Stylebook. Don’t ever risk accidentally insulting a nation of 47.7 million inhabitants—“It’s Colombia, not Columbia.”

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I am experienced in adhering to the following editorial styles:

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